Child maintenance. Overdose of vitamins D

NewbornUpon admission to the child's excessive amounts of vitamins D calcium salts build up in a blood, and there comes a poisoning of a body. Suffer cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. Usually this occurs when the dose of 200-1000 minutes exceeded. However, there are kids who have increased sensitivity to vitamin D. So, before starting therapy should determine individual susceptibility to vitamin DIntoxication symptoms: sudden loss of appetite, sleep, persistent vomiting, dyspepsia, thirst, polyuria, dry tongue, inelastic face. Constipation alternating with diarrhea, the child loses weight rapidly, it has a short-property fever, possible convulsions, difficulty breathing, enlargement of a liver and spleen, slow pulse.To do it easier for a state of intoxication, you just need to stop taking vitamin D. Raise a babies big and healthy!  Alike posts:Child service. Swimming BabiesNewbornBaby. LactationChildChild. Hardening of babiesNewborn.

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