Moms. 7.U correct moms baby is naughty

BabyA kid was not crying, and does not get sick, he remained a myth of a patriarchal times, when motherhood was the alone space in which a girl could be considered competent. The kid may cry and capricious, and hurt - it does not depend on a "grade" of their parents. But if the mum takes each alarming situation however evidence of his insolvency and feels guilty, it is difficult to take the necessary measures.To cope with a guilt, you must give up the fantasy of his own omnipotence. This fantasy makes mum feel responsible for everything that happens, forgetting that a newborn does not live inside it, and next to it.  Upkeep of a newborn. Similar posts:When starting 30 days following giving birthdayChildLeaving of a child. Alcohol and natural-feedingChildTeething in childrenNewborn.

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