Mothers. What may and may not be breast-feeding moms

BabyUpon a period of lactation want consume however a lot of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits (recent, frozen, dry, or canned in juice form). Choose more beets, carrots, potatoes, medium apples, pears. Approximately fresh vegetables and fresh fruits should be added to the diet highly attentively, how they can cause flatulence in a child. These incorporate: cabbage, peas, grapes, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant.We recommend a variety of milk porridge, but if a baby is suffering zaaporami, rice porridge will be deleted. Just so a position dish of boiled rice. For energy-rich foods are as well pasta, whole grain bread, beans (the latter also contribute to bloating, so for them to be careful.)A crab should be eaten at least twice a 7 days, if a newborn has no allergies to it. Do not forget a fatty fish. Fresh meat and poultry may be consumed in the quantity in stewed, baked or boiled. Specifically beneficial for a child and mother dairy products because they contain not only calcium, but as well are a source of protein.Do not abuse a eggs. Eat them no more than 3-4 minutes a week is ideal - in the configuration of omelets. At times It is possible to afford cheese cakes, pancakes (filled or just sweet), ravioli or dumplings, but these dishes keep become a exception rather than a rule. Occasionally It is possible to eat pickles or fresh fish, but remember that you cause fluid retention in the body.However for drinks, so during a day It is possible to consume natural milk and dairy products with fat capacity of not more than 1%, compote of dried fresh fruits, mineral h2o without gas, natural milk green tea (specifically effective green tea without sugar because it stimulates lactation). Occasionally you can possess a glass of non-alcoholic beer, apple or prune nectar (as well can trigger bloating).Highly undesirable for nursing mothers nutrition items containing a large volume of preservatives, dyes, spicy seasonings and sauces, marinades - all are capable of adversely affecting a tasting of natural milk, not to mention a potential risk to the newborn's hygiene. Avoid excessively fatty foods, because not only is it not good for the child, but also harmful to the lustiness and shape. Be careful with the "classical" allergens: strawberry, chocolate, seafood, caviar, citrus, tropical fruits, smoked sausage, honey, etc.Remember that an unknown item should be administered in a ration gradually, and not more than one in a some days to best protect a crumbs from allergies, or, at least, be able to track a item that caused the reaction. If you really want to treat yourself to anything delicious, prefer fruits, poor-fat cookies. Strive not to drink carbonated beverages, specifically sweet because you can cause bloating and allergies.Guided by these simple rules, you will be able to lay the foundations for hygiene and goodness spirits, as a newborn, and at home. Such a regimen food nursing mothers have a positive impact not alone on a property of milk, but also on your exterior!POWER nursing momsMeal feeding young womanMeal feeding: lactation that prohibitedMeals young mumMeal feeding mumA dietary of lactating mumsVitamins nursing mom   Similar articles:Newborn service. Aggression in KidsBabyLactationNewbornVitamin for babiesChild.

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