Moms. Can a nursing mother eat bananas

ChildCan I breast-feeding mum ripe bananas, as healthy (or useless) for herself and for her baby? Let's deal. Breast-feeding is much momentous in a life of mom and baby, because at this time of the child's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of the digestive system. Up to 3 weeks, the child does not possess enough enzymes to digest meal faster, however - his mom should be specifically attentive to the dietary, especially if a baby is fed alone warm natural milk her. Because a matter of whether a nursing mum to eat ripe bananas, the answer is conditionally good. You can, but in very small amounts, so it is quite heavy food. Many pediatricians are however generally recommend to refrain from eating big bananas until a newborn is TWO-3 weeks. Читать полностью -->

Upkeep of a child. Dining nursing mum: main principles

ChildA value of a dietary feeding mother for her baby.POWER nursing moms is one of the general points of interest to newly moms. In a lot of hospitals there is still a Soviet principle of feeding pregnant women. Not only do these institutions the power feeding mother is no varied variety, however even know pregnant women are prohibited to transfer them to some of a fresh vegetables and fresh fruits that are so necessary for a recovery of a body of a beautiful mom and her newborn. From a day menu, a nursing mother is usually recommended to eliminate all allergens. These include fruits and raw vegetables red, and orange. You've probably heard this advice - a schedule for feeding mother should be no carrots, red medium apples, oranges, tangerines and more. Читать полностью -->

Care of a newborn. May a nursing mum eat bananas

NewbornMay I warm-feeding mom medium bananas, so beneficial (or useless) for herself and for her child? Let's deal. Fresh-feeding is very serious in a your of mother and baby, because at this time of the child's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of the digestive system. Up to 3 weeks, a child does not have enough enzymes to digest food faster, so - his mum need be specifically attentive to your schedule for, specifically if the child is fed alone natural milk her. Because a question of whether a nursing mom to eat ripe bananas, a answer is conditionally good. You can, but in very little amounts, however it is quite heavy meal. A lot of pediatricians are so generally recommend to refrain from eating bananas until a child is 2-3 weeks. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Lure: porridge

ChildA newborn grew up, and however it is time to input him to a diverse family of cereals. You have to do it with a consent of the pediatrician - Alone a physician may determine whether the body is ready to accept a new kind of newborn food.A benefits of cereals for growing kids may say that surprisingly this product contains almost all a kids nutrients - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Value cereals, i.e. Your composition depends on the type of grains from which you are done. By the 1-st measure in the lead and buckwheat porridge, followed by millet.  Similar posts:Attention of a child. Tests for allergenNewbornMaintenance of a newborn. Читать полностью -->

The harm of smoking while breastfeeding

NewbornWe constantly growing number of gerls smokers. What may be said at this point a doctor? Tobacco contains nicotine - a substance which is toxic to a aging body, since it adversely affects a heart and vessels. In the little amount of nicotine capacity is manifested alone at a 1-st zakurivanii later a aging body has used to the poison, and it takes an increasing quantity. To infinity, of course, increase a capacity of nicotine administered is impossible, so that at certain concentrations may occur nicotinism.Smoking as well brings other damage. If instead of fresh air to inhale a smoke into a lungs, the pulmonary vesicles (alveoli) will contain more smoke than air. Fume contains carbon dioxide, kootraya in conjunction with a dye of red blood cells will carboxyhemoglobin. Читать полностью -->

Newborn attention. Vitamin for nursing

NewbornYou breastfeed? Take maintenance of the dietary, pick up particular vitamin complexes for nursing mothers. If you are going to beautify breastfeeding, the specialist will advise what combination of vitamin will help your child better cope with the transition to a adult diet. Treat so a tonic to the assistants. Later all, you enjoy one goal - the baby was healthy.Vitamins for kidsSources of vitamin for babiesVitamins for babies with TWO years   Alike Child.articles:Newborn. Teething in infantsNewbornNewborn attention. Rickets in infantsBabyVitamins for kidsChild. Читать полностью -->

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